All guests must provide proof of vaccination upon check in (C5 for dogs and F3 for cats) and pets must have flea and tick treatment on.

Our Dog Motels

We are proud to offer a complete boarding service that ensures your little one is happy, healthy and relaxed.

Our Resort provides a 24/7 onsite manager, secure purpose-built fencing, spacious and protected exercise areas, and individual bedrooms; all with comfortable bedding. Accommodation in our resort varies according to the size of your pet and the number in your family. Our main motel is suited to the larger breeds, while our mini motel provides space for the littlest.

We pride ourselves on our highly engaging activity program giving your pet awesome fun every day – we’re sure to give each guest the individual attention they deserve.

Dog accommodation is $48.00 per dog per day holiday rates apply. Price includes all wet and dry food and hydrobath on last day for two or more nights stay. If you collect prior to midday, that day is free.

Special Care Facilities

With six individual units, each with heating for winter and air-conditioning for the summer, the fully insulated facility offers our clients peace of mind when having to leave a recovering or elderly pet.

Isolated areas are available for females in season, older dogs or any with a medical condition. Special needs may be recovery from surgery, illness, diabetics or the elderly.

Our Cattery

We are the ultimate holiday destination for cats; a place that their owners can leave them knowing they'll get the care, love and attention they deserve. Surrounded by the beautiful Tewantin National Park, our cattery allows the fresh natural air to flow freely. Including large indoor/outdoor tiled areas overlooking water fountains and tranquil landscaped surrounds.

Your little feline friend will be well looked after in their own mini apartment; they can climb freely or have a claw on the scratch poles. Each little home features cozy bedding for your little one to catch up on their many hours of nap time. We allow our guests, one at a time, to explore our enclosed cattery when we are on-site. They get a chance to meet new friends and feel that little bit more comfortable.

We understand how hard it is parting with a beloved pet, even for a few days, and that’s why we encourage new clients to come say hello and discuss your cat’s requirements. We hope this opportunity will give you an idea of what we offer in advance of meeting your little one.

Cat accommodation $30.00 per day. Price includes all wet and dry food. If you collect prior to midday, that day is free.


We're great groomers here at Noosa Pet Resort!

Upon arrival and before departure, complimentary hydrobathing and blow drying are provided for our canine guests.

If you’re wanting your little one looking their best on your return, we offer individual grooming services. Pricing available.

Pet Taxi

Want your furry friend to be picked up or dropped off to your house? Our Pet Taxi services Noosa, the Sunshine Coast and even Brisbane. The Pet Taxi is also available to transport your pets from your house to veterinary services.

Going away somewhere?

Let us take care of your pets while you're gone, we can even pick them up and drop them off at your convenience.